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BWT Nr 2 Wädenswil ( CH)
Datum: 17.07.2004
Disziplin:boarder X
Veranstalter:  Indiana

A Eventinfo:Skateboarding Spectacle in the Center of Wädenswil Saturday 17th July, the town center of Wädenswil was the scene of the 2nd stage of the Burning Wheels Tour. Three out of four tour leaders of the only Skateboarder Cross Serie worldwide were able to defend their position in front of about 800 spectators. Last Saturday, there was a gigantic gate on the “Plätzli” in the middle of Wädenswil. Under this gate the riders of the national Skateboarder Cross Serie were made winners or losers with the applauding crowd. The start took place in the “Eintrachtstrasse” some 150 meters above. On the count of “Riders ready, five seconds warning, go!” two opponents took off from the launching pad. After three wooden steep slope curves another opportunity for overtaking maneuvers presented itself on a straight concrete section. But before the notorious double bumps most riders had to reduce speed, so they could reach the pyramid and the enormous camel hump without a crash. It was an adrenaline festival for the 53 riders and about 800 spectators. The Leaders Unfortunately the women’s favorite Noemi Reichel fell in the finals and gave away the victory to Bettina Luginbühl. Among the youngsters, Wädenswil’s very own David Bertschinger prevailed against Ino Oki from Zurich. Both missed a flag in the steep slope curve. Bertschinger reacted quicker, dashed back and completed the course correctly. In the finals of the category “men skyhooks” (with attachments to the board) Stuttgart’s Bassi Haller showed all his routine and gained victory over the young and daring Ramon Königshausen from Samstagern. Not all four leaders were in the line-up. Munich’s Kurt Nischel, who won the first stage in Zollikon in the men’s category, was absent. So Zurich’s favorites Simon Feldmann and Jojo Linder could put up a thrilling final battle. Feldmann, being slightly in the lead, lost control just before the camel humps and let first time winner Linder cross the finish line alone. The Protective Gear Since the surface of the Skateboarder Cross can be more painful than the one of the related discipline on snow, most riders protect themselves with a helmet, pads and a leather suit. Nevertheless bumps and bruises still are daily routine. Fortunately there haven’t been any serious injuries, according to the medical service. The promoters did their very best to secure the course with straw bales and mats. The Side Events At the Snickers Kicker Contest the skateboarders performed radical jumps and rotations over the big camel hump close to the finish. The contest was won by Laurent Bächtold from Adliswil. The DJs Tri & L-Way and the MCs Radjack and Friends threw their beats and rhymes, and the “Sole Rebels Zürich” amazed the crowd with their footbag shows. The action hungry could wakeboard at a discount rate with Ceccotorenas and borrow skateboards and protective gear at the Superpipe/Indiana-Testcenter. Sport- and Youth promotion For years Zurich skateboarding brand Indiana Skateboards has been organizing events for skateboarders with the intension of giving the riders enjoyment and offering spectators exciting action. Another aim is promoting youth and sport. On blocked and safeguarded streets skaters can skate down a course and attract public and media interest. For this purpose the Burning Wheels Tour Club was founded in Zurich this spring. more great pics at: download pdf The current overall ranking download pdf The ranking of Wädenswil, 17. July 2004

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