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IGSA European Championship Altbüron ( CH)
Datum: 14.07 - 16.07.2005
Veranstalter:  Swiss Team Altbüron

A Eventinfo:That was one of the coolest events ever. There were not so many riders as last year, only 43 standup riders. Unfortunately there was a French Cup at the same date. That wasn't so bad for us. We had lot's of runs, it was uncountable! Some guy counted 19 runs on thursday - isn't that crazy? My GPS recorded 85km/h topspeed. My legs were tired, really tired. Aki was fast, maybe a little bit too fast. He bailed hard in the right hander and dislocated his right shoulder. He had to go to the hospital. Friday started with practise runs again. In the afternoon we had two timetrials. We also had a strong head wind. Still it was very interesting. The right hand turn didn't require as much footbraking as usual. It was a little bit slower than the day before, only 78km/h. I qualified first with 2.44 seconds lead. All riders qualified for the finals on saturday. The race day started with a practise session in the morning. After lunch the weather didn't look so nice anymore: standup first! My push starts were pretty bad. Nevertheless I managed to win every run, sometimes with a bigbig lead. The final wa very interesting. I passed Dalua just in front of the righthander. Gnarly! I footbraked very late. Dalua didn't brake a lot too and crashed. His board broke into two pieces. What a drama... Martin Siegrist, Airflow Skateboards, Globe Shoes, Abec11

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