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Hotheels Africa Koegelberg, Cape Town ( SA)
Datum: 9.12 - 11.12.2005
Veranstalter:  SAGRA

A Eventinfo:Let's go! There's a strong wind blowing, like every day. This time it's headwind for most of the course. Spectators are here already. They're sitting in the last corner, eating hay?!? Yes - the monkeys are eating the hayballs! Some guys love Koegelberg, some hate it. I like it. I feel fine! I'm getting used to my new speedhelmet. We're riding single heats first. I'm battling with Stuart and Mike later. It's pure fun. As a test, i'm wearing my GPS with the heart rate meter for practise and timetrials. I won the timetrials - stoked - before Mike, Stuart and Richard. Then we went for a swim in the river. We ate dinner at the Hangklip hotel: oily french fries, steak, calamari. The meat was good... On Sunday there were no shuttle busses. They most probably got lost on the way to the race. Maybe the guys also did a nice picknick with our lunch. After a few practise runs the real race started. All the 20 riders were qualified, using the 32man bracket. I won the first two runs and met Stuart in the semi final. I started much to late but it was very easy to catch up. After the big left hand turn i passed Stuart on his left. He got wobbles. His front left wheel touched my back right wheel and then we both crashed. I slid for a moment. My suit is fucked now. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That was my ticket to the final! I won the consolation final... Mike won the final, Luis 2nd, Richard 3rd. It was a very close final. Congratulations! Martin Siegrist, Airflow Skateboards >>> without the money from the Sportfonds Basel-Country this trip would not have been possible for me. Thanks alot!