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ISSA Praha Slalom World Cup Prag ( CZ)
Datum: 19.04.2008
Veranstalter:  TomᚠPotůček

A Eventinfo:

Giant, Paralell tight, Junior easy slalom

Pro, am, jr + children
Gs 2 runs, tight 2 runs + 8 head to head, jr 2 runs
Wide asphalt new surface, nice hill, 400+ m, in case of rain possibility to skate under stadium roof 200m
sidewalk flat, still ok surface

Contest Description:
Slaloms were held at this place from the end of 70s. It is located in between two big sports stadiums at
the hill of Strahov. Very nice new surface appr 500x400m from flat to steeper hill. In case of rain there is
still possible to compete under the stadium roof on a flat surface from concrete blocks. In case of rain the
GS will be replaced with Hybrid slalom to fit the conditions.
Last year the contest of the Czech Cup was held there, GS and Paralell tight. Also high jump was there,
very nice contest in a sunny day. Lot of coverage, even main TV channels for the evening news.
Sponsors are to be announced later, local skate distributors, possibly Red Bull and Philips.

Race Event #1 description:
Giant slalom will be held at steeper hill in between stadiums, very nice long run on a very wide area. 2
runs, best time counts, 1 cone 0,1s. Run will be prepared day before this contest. In case of rain the GS
will be replaced with Hybrid slalom to fit the conditions under the roof of stadium. Course will be the same
for pro and am.

Race Event #2 description
Junior hybrid slalom will be organized for youngsters born 1993 and later as a children category, born
1990 -1992 as a Junior category. All of them race in one contest, 2 runs, best time counts, 1 cone 0,1s.

Race Event #3 description
Parallel tight slalom will have 2 qualification runs on a smaller hill, best time counts. 8 best skaters go to
finals head to head, best time counts. Timing is from the starting ramp to the finish gate, no beeps - start
is announced by start judge at the starting ramp, just clean time. 40 cones, distance 180 cm for pro and
am. 1 cone 0,1s. In case of rain the contest will be held at the flat surface under the stadium roof.

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