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History of PC Slalomboards / Airflow
Behind PC Slalomboards and Airflow stays Francesco Puligheddu, Dipl. Ing. ETH and Chris Hart, Eidg. Dipl. Carpenter, two friends from Zurich, in a word Puli and Chris.

First steps of PC

1985, began our adventure in the unknown world of skate-, surf and snowboard production for ourselves. Three years later we already sold small quantities of streetdecks to local Shops. We spent a pretty part of our life refining the art of making fine tuned skate-, and snowboards. Zoom ?

995, when the revival of slalomskating hit Zurich we were ready for it. With offering individual slalomskateboards under the name PC SLALOMBOARDS, we made the breakthrough for an established trademark.   Zoom ?
The speciality of PC SLALOMBOARDS is the individual design on the bottom side of the board. Each board is unique. Our skateboards advanced with the time to impressive art carriers. To express this point, we created the annual "Skate and Art" exhibition, where we showed our best graphical series and single pieces. Zoom ?
The last "Skate and Art" tock place on 28th of January 2000. For the fist time we offered parallel to the exhibition in our "video chillout" a podium for local skatefilm producer to present their videos. Apart of our own productions and time documents of the history of skateboarding, "ZH2K" a " Zürichfilm" production and the video skate magazine "Saison" filled the program. Zoom ?

Our output raised from year to year. Also outside Switzerland people were interested in the agile and flexible skateboards. Slalomskating and longboarding is everywhere in trend where there are young people and fine asphalt. End of 1998 we decided to produce and sell slalom skateboards as mainjob. Over a certain number of skateboards it wasn't possible anymore to produce exclusively individual pieces.   Zoom ?
1999 we founded a second trademark. Since that time we offer parallel to PC Slalomboards under the name Airflow slalomskateboards with serial design. PC Slalomboards and Airflow are both Swiss quality handcrafts. But with the design of Airflow we can work more productive. Therefore we are able to provide more different lengths and shapes in all degree of hardness and are still competitive. With certain exceptions Airflow is distributed in Switzerland trough No Way AG. Also in the surrounding countries we are building up the relationship to national distributors.   Zoom ?
Distribution Airflow CH: No Way; Tel. 01-240 28 44    

Apart of the main business we built up a skateteam. After a short time we already ranged in the first places of various skate competitions.    

We helped to organize the downhill of St. Moritz and cooperated with the guys of "Mad Cow". Mad Cow, provides us since tree years with spectacular and radical skate- snow and riversurf events.

The legendary "Mad cow street boarder x" is a forward looking model for modern way of skateboard competitions. Several competitors hunt each other over waves, jumps and walls. The two best are coming to the next round. With all these activities we made an active contribution to the development of skateboard races in Switzerland.
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Mad cow; Tel. 01-271 03 60
free Testboards

A further project was the slalomskateboards at the "Zuri rollt" bicycle stations. From March to October everybody had the possibility to rent slalom skateboards for free. 20 Francs and an official document as security was enough. Totally 36 boards were placed on tree central placed stations in Zurich. The skateboards were financed by Inkognito eyewear, Rewatch recycling watches and adidas.
In the year 2000 we extended this action to Bale, Bern, Biel and Geneva.

Zürich: Bodyshop und adidas
Bern: Mc Donalds und SSR Travel
Biel: Swisscomm mobile
Genf: Group Sida
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Gratis Skateboard Verleih:
Zürich rollt Tel.01
Basel rollt; Tel. 061-633 08 83
Bern und Biel rollt; Tel. 079-343 05 15
Genèv' Roule; Tel. 022-304 04 04

Last but not least we leaded a slalomskate course at the sport and holiday camp of Fiesch. 40 Girls and boys from 11 to 15 had the possibility to design, create and test their own slalom skateboard. Because of the big success we will offer this year a second course, where the participants will be introduced in riding and competition techniques.   Zoom ?
Sport und Ferienlager:
Tel. 01-496 93 60 Sportamt der Stadt Zürich;

Airflow / PC Slalomboards
Design, Produktion und Marketing Tel. 01-430 57 07
Team und Events Tel. 01-242 56 82