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Foto GalleryRamón Königshausen 27.01.2010

Wohnsitz: Samstagern(CH)
Beruf: Praktikant Postproduction
e-mail ramonATairflow-skateboardsDOTcom

d:I started skateboarding together with Manuel. When he got his first Slalomdeck it didn’t take a long time and I was a Slalomskateboardowner too. During the first 2 years we taught each other by ourselves and so we could ride down more and more roads without footbraking. Our boards got longer and longer.

But once on a Sunday morning when we were taking pics in an industrial quarter Manuel crashed into a car and broke his cheek bone.

A couple of days later we came up with slalomskatboaring, “coneracing”. Then in 2003 we participated on the Slalom Worldcup in Grueningen.

Slalomskateboarding got me hooked – From then ‘till now I’ve been trying to participate on as many contests, freerides and skatesessions as I could.

In 2004 I participated on the WC in Paris, became German Champion in Cologne, spent a unforgetable weekend in Antibes at the “Côte d’Azur” and got 3rd on the BurningWheelsTour. Apart from all the contests my general skills advanced and my horizon was broadening. I met other skaters with the same ambitions and goals.

In 2005 I made another step forward and managed to get on the podiums at the bigger contests like in Paris (3rd GS), where I learnt from Mr. David “TS” Hackett that also psychology helps to advance into the next round, Hannover (2nd TS) and Grüningen (2nd STS).
Then I twice got 3rd (GS,STS) at the European Championships in Stockholm and finally managed to take 1st place in Antibes.

So far about my History.

Here is some information about myself packed into an interview:

What’s your name?

My name is Ramón Königshausen.

Have you got any nicknames?

Yes, I call myself “Raymondo” but the others often call me “Fox”.

My signature is “rmn”, by the way

When’s your Birthday, where were you born and where’s you residence?

I’m born May 17 in 1988 in Richterswil. I live in Samstagern, ZH.

What disciplines do you do?

I ride Slalom, Boarder-X, Downhill Standup, Karving...

Which of is your favourite discipline?

I like very tight special slalom.

What was your best professional moment so far?

Beating Luca Head-to-Head in Antibes 2005, learning from Hackett in Paris 2005

And the worst one?

Paris 2004 when I cared too much about my not-making of the Special qualification.

Have you got any other hobbies?

I like mountainbiking, cooking, snowboarding, discussing, swimming, listening to music...

Is there something you could call the coolest thing you own (except skateboards)?

I don’t own them, but it’s my friends.

Now could tell us which your favourite deck is?

It’s my own designed Tighslalom-machine which I call “Stitcher”.

Something you most like to eat?

There’s so many...

A place you would like to go?

I once wanna travel to New Zealand or Australia...

What about music, can you name a few artists you like?

Yes, I can.

I listen to bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Jet, The Clash, The White Stripes, Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte, Pink Floyd, Flogging Molly, The Rolling Stones, The Strokes, The Hives, The Offspring, The Beatles, Nguru, Kula Shaker, I wanna stop, this list isn’t supposed to be endless I think...

What’s been you worst injury so far?

I hit my shoulder when I was hunting Bassi Haller in the BW-final in Wädenswil. I couldn’t move it anymore for about two weeks.

Your favourite skatespots?

Thun Heiligenschwendi, my parking lot, Sattelegg, Parking garage Tonimolkerei... Skate to play!

check this crazy vid:
The Stitcher and his parking lot!