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Foto GalleryRamón Königshausen 17.05.0000

Wohnsitz: Samstagern(CH)
Beruf: Kameramann
e-mail ramonATairflow-skateboardsDOTcom

d:I started skateboarding together with Manuel. When he got his first Slalomdeck it didn’t take a long time and I was a Slalomskateboardowner too. During the first 2 years we taught each other by ourselves and so we could ride down more and more roads without footbraking. Our boards got longer and longer.

But once on a Sunday morning when we were taking pics in an industrial quarter Manuel crashed into a car and broke his cheek bone.

A couple of days later we came up with slalomskatboaring, “coneracing”. Then in 2003 we participated on the Slalom Worldcup in Grueningen.

Slalomskateboarding got me hooked – From then ‘till now I’ve been trying to participate on as many contests, freerides and skatesessions as I could.

In 2004 I participated on the WC in Paris, became German Champion in Cologne, spent a unforgetable weekend in Antibes at the “Côte d’Azur” and got 3rd on the BurningWheelsTour. Apart from all the contests my general skills advanced and my horizon was broadening. I met other skaters with the same ambitions and goals.

In 2005 I made another step forward and managed to get on the podiums at the bigger contests like in Paris (3rd GS), where I learnt from Mr. David “TS” Hackett that also psychology helps to advance into the next round, Hannover (2nd TS) and Grüningen (2nd STS).
Then I twice got 3rd (GS,STS) at the European Championships in Stockholm and finally managed to take 1st place in Antibes.

So far about my History.