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Foto GalleryDasha Kornienko 12.07.2009

Wohnsitz: Toronto(Canada)
Beruf: Student


After being a ski instructor for 7 years, Dasha became involved in the Toronto longboarding community in 2006. She became interested in exploring all facets of skateboarding--downhill, slalom, long-distance pushing, and miniramp. Downhill skateboarding became her passion and she went on to compete in Eastern and Western Canada, the U.S., as well as World Cup races in Europe. Currently, she is ranked 1st in the women's category of the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Assocation) world ranking. Skateboarding has allowed her the chance to go places she would never have gone before and make friends all over the globe. Apart from her need for speed, Dasha's passion is working with kids. With a Bachelors of Health degree in Kinesiology from York University, she is a strong believer that physical activity in childhood directly affects one's well-being in adult life. As a female instructor at C.J. Skateboard Park & School (in Toronto), she strives to encourage girls and women to discover the amazing potential of their bodies and to experience the joy of skilled movement. The physical empowerment of more women and the entry into skateboarding of greater numbers of females will help to break down the connotations of skateboarding as a male-dominated sport. She is proud to be a part of the Airflow team and look for her interview in the Spring issue of Concrete Wave magazine which is on newsstands now.

“Dasha Kornienko is one of the most talented downhill riders in the world today even though she hails from one of the flattest cities in Canada. The Toronto scene goes largely unnoticed compared to the massive crew of downhillers in Vancouver and Montreal. Dasha has spent lots of time in both places impressing all of us…” -Jon Caften