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Foto GalleryJani Söderhäll 20.03.0000

Place: Paris(FRA)
Job: Software developer - company owner


Started skating somewhere around 1977 after my older brother told me I couldn't use his board. So I had to!

-> First local contest in 1979.
-> First national (Swedish) contest in 1980.
-> First international (European Championships) contest in 1981.

European Champion:
1985 - Bamberg, Germany
1986 - Warrington, England
1987 - Täby, Sweden
1988 - Prague, Czechoslovakia

Other results of interest:
2002 - 1st International Tunnel Race, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland:
1:st Giant slalom, 1:st Special slalom

2003 - Open German Championships, Cologne, Germany
2:nd Special slalom, 3:rd Giant slalom

2003 - Moscow National Day Race, Moscow, Russia
1:st Giant slalom, 1:st Longboard slalom

2004 - European Championships, Cologne, Germany
4:th Special slalom

2004 - Open Swedish Championships, Stockholm, Sweden
1:st Straight slalom (on Airflow S-Camber), 1:st Giant slalom (on Airflow C-81), 3:rd Special slalom

* President of International Skateboard Slalom Association (ISSA).

* Publisher of Slalom! mag.

* Part of the organizing committee of Paris Slalom World Cup.

* Co-founder of